OCSC Ranges


  • When you sign into the Shooting Ranges you must sign into the range sign-in book and fill out every column. Each person that goes into the shooting area must be signed in on a separate line and every column filled out.
  • If you have guests to sign in, you must also fill out a guest fee envelope, insert the proper amount of money and insert the envelope in the slot plainly marked for guest fees, right above the stack of empty envelopes.
  • If you have more than one guest you may fill out one envelope with all names printed out and the amount of money paid.
  • All information in the range book and on the envelopes must be printed legibly and be complete.
  • All signing-in and guest fee envelopes must be completed before entering the shooting range.

Range Safety Video

The indoor range seems to be collecting a lot of cardboard and nobody cleans this up after they shoot. If your cardboard is shot up, please take it to the dumpster outside the range. If you see a trash can that is full please dump it in the dumpster.  Please try to keep that corner of the range swept and clean.

Please do not bring your scrap cardboard to the range for yourself or others to use unless it is cut up into usable target sizes approximately 18”x20”. 

Take a moment to reread all range rules. You may get a current copy from the main office.

Please be mindful of your muzzle and keep your finger on the slide and off the trigger until you are on target.

Please keep our ranges safe and clean.

Warren Pratt, Range Safety Committee

Ranges & Range Closing Dates.

Click on a range below to see the dates that they are reserved and CLOSED to the public.