Campground Information

The campground is open for business for the summer!

OCSC Campground Rules Effective            2023

  • All campers must register at the OCSC office, prior to setting up camp.
  • Preregistration for campsites can be obtained up to 1 month prior to date requested. Full payment of $10.00 per night, per campsite, must be made at the time of request. Refunds will be granted if cancellation of reservation is made no less than 48 hours prior to reserved date.
  • Campsite Registration Cards issued by the OCSC office must be displayed in a conspicuous manner at the designated campsite.
  • Campsite must be occupied at least 6 nights of a 10 day stay.
  • Campers are allowed to stay in the campground for 10 consecutive days (if space is available), then must leave the campground for at least 1 week before returning.
Campground Google Map May 2022
Campground Google Map May 2022
  • Campers are responsible for the maintenance of their campsite. Campsites and picnic areas must be left clean at all times. All garbage and food scraps must be placed in dumpster.
  • Grey and / or Black Waste water must NOT be emptied on the ground. A pump out service is available at camper’s expense. The phone number is available from the club office and will be posted at the restroom/shower building.
  • Fires are only allowed in a fire pit. AT NO TIME ARE YOU ALLOWED TO CUT ANY TREES ON OCSC PROPERTY, alive or dead. All fires are to be completely extinguished, campsite is to be clean and any unused wood is to be returned to the wood rack before camper leaves the campground.
  • Pets are permitted in the campground, but must be on a leash and must be controlled by camper at all times. Pets must not make constant noise, (barking, whining …etc.). Campers MUST clean up after their pets and deposit their bagged waste in the dumpster.
  • The Registered Member/Camper is responsible for the actions of his/her children and guests.
  • Fireworks are not permitted on OCSC grounds.
  • Mini-bikes, dirt-bikes, or ATV recreational vehicles are not allowed on OCSC grounds. Golf carts and bicycles must use lights after dark. Absolutely NO Racing or Stunts are permitted on OCSC grounds.
  • Absolutely no hunting or disturbing of any wildlife is permitted on OCSC grounds.
  • No discharge of any weapon is permitted in the campground.
  • Disruptive behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Violators will be evicted from OCSC grounds.
  • Anyone caught vandalizing or destroying OCSC property or another camper’s property will be turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.
  • QUIET TIME is from 10pm until 10am due to township rules. Please be courteous to other campers and to our neighbors.
  • On Special Event or Rae Weekends, the Campground may be closed to other members. Rates subject to change for Special Events.
  • Any camper that fails to abide by these rules will be asked to leave the campground. Failure to leave will result in campsite being emptied at camper’s expense or a storage fee will be assessed.
  • OCSC may adjust/modify these rules or enforce additional rules at any time as deemed necessary.