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The Oakland County Sport Fishing Club News

There will NOT be a fishing club meeting in NOVEMBER
as many of us will be out in the woods hunting!

Who is Ned and why should you care?  The ‘Ned Rig’ also known as the “Midwest Finesse Rig” was developed by Ned Kehde a legendary bass fisherman and fishing writer.   Basically it is a jig head with a short artificial worm.  Float the rig near the bottom with a jigging movement or a slow gliding fall from the top water will drive bass and other predator fish into a feeding frenzy.    

Winter is coming but fishing never stops in our great state.  Hopefully we will get some good ice and ice fishing can happen.  In the meantime, keep your gear out, do some late season fishing, organize those rods leaning in the corner of your garage and catch up on your fishing magazine reading.

Upcoming events Tentative dates:
Ultimate Fishing show January 6 thru 9 2022
Outdoorama Feb 24-27 2022
Midwest Fly Fishing Expo March 12-13 2022

Our Club meetings are the third WEDNESDAY of each month at 7:00pm in the OCSC Main club.


Christopher Finazzo
President, Oakland County Sport Fishing Club
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