When is the Banquet?

     Saturday January 15th, 2022.
Doors/Bar open at  5:00pm,
Dinner served at 7:00pm.


When will tickets be available?

     Tickets will be available Nov 24th. Limited tickets are
     available so members only can purchase 4 tickets each.
Leftover tickets, if there are any, will be made
available for sale after the initial ticket sale.


Will I be able to get the same table
I have at past Hunter’s Banquets?

     Not this year. The table layout will be significantly
different with more room and fewer tables.


What about the past presidents?

     Unfortunately, we are unable to support a past
presidents table this year. We hope we can continue
this tradition next year.


What will be served?

     Dinner will be served per plate and possibly include
bison, elk, salmon, turkey. A salad, soup, and
vegetable are expected be included. The final menu
will be a work in process.


Will there be a raffle table?

     Yes, the same raffle format that we have used in the
 past, but the prize items are being upgraded.


Will there be a gun card raffle?

     Yes, a card gun raffle will be held.


Are you accepting game donations?

     No game donations will be accepted.


Will the Hunter’s Banquet always be like this?

     We hope to return to our traditional event once the
pandemic restrictions are no longer an issue. What we
feel works with this new format may be folded into the
future event.


How can I help?

     If you wish to volunteer for this event,
please contact Kerry Bush,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call the office to be put on the list.
Most of the work will fall 3-4 days
before and during the event.
We usually have many 100’s of hours required for this event,
but part of the plan is to reduce the dependency on volunteer time.

Kerry Bush