Rifle & Pistol

Police Pistol Combat (PPC)


(Police Pistol Combat)


As you read this, the PPC season at Your Club is up and running, just waiting for you to come out and see what we are all about!


Our Fall session began the first of October, and runs thru the end of December. Club members $5, guests $10.


Monday mornings from 9am till Noon

Thursday evenings from 6pm until 9pm


No previous PPC experience needed, we will train you on the course of fire.  So if you are wanting to get better with your carry firearm, or become more accurate with your target gun, or you just want to get out of the house, come on out and see what we are all about.


No special equipment needed, pistol or revolver with external holster, 4 magazines or speed loaders, eye and ear protection and you are ready!


Grab your gear, grab a friend, grab a friend’s gear, just come on out!


If you need more information, or want to find out how to get more involved, contact:


Scott DeShetler,

PPC Director at 248.622.0274